Muhurta Wizard - a tremendous new section has been added to the program. Based on B.V.Rao 'Muhurta' book it lets user to selected the good and bad periods for various life matters from conceiving a baby to entering a new home.
  1. Go to Preferences-> Muhurta tab
  2. Type in first few letters of the place of residence, for example 'lond' for London or 'pari' for Paris
  3. Select in the list of locations that you need and click it
  4. Click Accept button
  5. Select Muhurta in the main menu if it was not previously selected
  6. Enter the date for month in interest (MM/DD/YYYY). Actually, only a month and year are relevant because muhurta table is calculated on monthly basis
  7. Select a question category in a left drop-down list, e.g. 'Prenatal ceremonies'
  8. Select a question sub-category in a right list, for instance 'Time for marriage'
  1. To save the document into file click main menu Camera button. Table will be saved in RTF format, compatible with almost any text editor like Microsoft word or Windows WordPad
  2. To print the document click a Printer button


You may adjust a muhurta report appearance according to your or your customer taste. In particular, you may change a font color for 'bad' and 'good' periods, highlight lines for Sunday and select highlighting color, add an editable text prefix for nakshatra names and so on.
Muhurta select location