Graphic Gochara

Gochara (gochaara) means transit, i.e the position occupied by a planet at a given time. The natal or janma is a planetary position at the time of one's birth. By correlating the transit positions on a given day with the natal positions of several reference points, we can draw some conclusions about the nature of results experienced by the native then.

To analyze the gochara AE Jyotish Master uses a new original graphic method of Graphic Gochara (GG). To start you have to select the natal chart of a person whose gochara will be studied and set the transit date and time period accordingly. A zero (start) point of the vertical axis correponds to a reference point selected in Preferences/Gochara/Zero Point. Usually this is the Moon.
Gochara vedha rules
Depending on the houses occupied by transit planets with respect to natal Moon, they exert different influences. The transit of Vimsottari dasa lord is particularly important. The sign occupied by Moon in the natal chart is called "janma rasi" and planets give different results when transiting through houses from janma rasi.

You may explore the GG chart by clicking the planet lines and reading a brief interpretation for every house placement. The text is given only for reference. Of course, not everyone with the same janma rasi experiences the same results on a given day, week or month. The results delivered by the planets depend on what they stand for in the person's natal chart. For example, if Mars is a 5th house lord in a natal chart, then the worries given by it during its transit in the 8th house may pertain to children. If Mars is a 10th lord, the worries may pertain to one's career.

The houses which planet rules are shown at the left graph edge next to a planet glyph and in pop-up text interpretation window. Both auspicious and inauspicious planet influence may be subjected to vedha (neutralizer). For example if Sun is in 3rd, any planet except Saturn in 9th will cause vedha and spoil the auspiciousness of Sun.
Graphic Gochara, Sade-Sati

Conversely, if transit Sun is in 4th from natal Moon, it is inauspicious but if there is any other planet except Saturn in gochara in 3rd house from natal Moon, the inauspicious effects of Sun in 4 are cancelled. In preferences you may select a set of vedha rules used or turn them off at all. Periods affected by vedha are displayed with a gray lines while active planetary periods with color ones

Graphic Gochara and the life event marks

Graphic Gochara and the life event marks

On a right screenshot you can see a dashed red line and "E" markers that correspond to John Kerry first marriage. Click on "E" and read what happened at that time.


Sade-Sati is the 7½ years long period of Saturn (Shani). This astrological phase is much feared by those in India who give credence to Indian Astrology. According to those beliefs, this is a period with many challenges. The period of Sade-sati starts when Saturn enters the zodiac sign immediately before the zodiac sign of Moon at the time of the birth of the individual. That is, if the Moon sign (Ayamsha) at the time of birth of the native was Taurus, then the Sadesati will begin when Saturn enters sign Aries. The Sadesati will continue while Saturn transits over this sign and the next two signs, i.e. the birth sign and the sign after it. Saturn spends around 2½ years in each sign. To cross these three signs it takes about 7½ years. Thus the name Sadesati which literally means seven and a half. According to one school of Vedic astrology this is a troublesome time for the individual who is going through it. There may be a lot of challenges in a person's life, and he may face accidents, sudden failures, money and health problems.

However, there's another school of astrology that believes that though the sadesati period is challenging, it is not as damaging as many astrologers claim, and that many people actually achieve a lot of success during the period of Sadesati. The impact of Sadesati is supposed to be felt differently by people of different moon signs. It is said that people of Moon sign Aquarius do not have any ill effects from Sadesati, while people of Moon sign Leo feel the most impact. Vedic astrology also prescribes certain remedies and mantras that can be recited to please the lord Saturn and limit the effect of Saturn's Sadesati.

  Saturn (Shani) takes around 30 years to complete one revolution of the zodiac. It stays in each sign for around 2.5 years. Saturn is considered a planet that brings misery and challenges for people when it's in an inauspicious position. The Sadesati is a period of 7.5 years during which Saturn is specially malignant and creates an unusual amount of problems in an individual's life. The Sadesati begins when Saturn enters the 12th Rashi (sign) from the person's birth Moon-sign and ends when Saturn exits the 2nd sign from the person's birth Moon-sign. It takes about 7.5 years to cross these three signs; hence the name Sadesati. Everyone goes through Sadesati sooner or later, for most people it's at least twice, or thrice.

It is said that while Sadesati lasts, you will have little peace. But don't think that just because you are running Sadesati your life will be destroyed. That's not the case. Many people continue being successful even while they are in Sadesati. A lot depends on the overall auspiciousness of your chart, the placement of other planets and your own efforts. You can also perform remedies to lessen the inauspicious effect of Shani Sade sati.