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Wealth Ascendant (Dhana Lagna) or a new method of examining financial prospects

The seven planets are given the following kalas (rays) or root numbers
  • Take the lords of the 9th from Lagna and the Moon
  • Add the root numbers of these planets
  • Divide the total by 12
  • The remainder counted from Chandra Lagna (the position of the radical Moon) goes under the name of Special Chandra Lagna or Dhana Lagna.
Look at the planets occupying or aspecting a sign of DL
If a sign of DL is occupied or aspected with:
More than one beneficThe person will earn immense wealth
One beneficThe subject becomes highly rich
"Pure" malefics, i.e. Sun, Mars, SaturnThe person will have moderate wealth. If the malefic planet is in exaltation, the wealth will be moderate in the beginning but considerable later on in life.
Benefic and maleficThe person will be able to command a lot of wealth.

In chart # 49 the lord of the 9th from the ascendant is Venus and his root number is 12. The lord of the 9th from the Moon is Saturn and his root number is 1. The total is 13. Divide this by 12 and the balance is 1. One counted from Taurus (where the radical Moon is situated) gives Taurus as the special Dhana Lagna. There are two planets hereóboth malefics and aspected by Jupiter. The Moon is exalted. The native will earn well in Jupiter Dasa as he aspects the special Dhana Lagna. Since Saturn is a pure malefic, he will give better financial prospects in the course of his Dasa. Either in the Dasa of Jupiter or Saturn, the Bhukti of the Moon will also prove decisively favourable from a monetary point of view. Jupiter being lord of the 8th and the 11th from special Dhana Lagna, his power to do good is somewhat restricted. In chart #50 the lord of the 9th from Lagna is Mars. His Kala or root number is 6 Lord of the 9th from the Moon is Jupiter and his root number is 10. Total is ]6. Dividing by 12 we get as remainder 4 which counted from Cancer (where the Moon is) gives Libra as special Dhana Lagna. Unfortunately, Rahu is there aspected by the Sun, Mercury and Ketu. Mercury is combust and has lost his vitality. Ketu's situation has rendered these planets powerless. The presence of an incendiary planet in special Dhana Lagna is not desirable. This horoscope belongs to a gentleman, once an aristocrat, but now reduced to poverty, debts and mental torture.
To enable Dhana Lagna in Jyotish Master go to Preferences-Chakra and check a "Show Dhana Lagna" box in "Special Points" group. References
Raman B.V. How to judge horoscope, v.1, p.118.

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