Adding/removing planets

By default JM displays only grahas, i.e. seven planets and lunar nodes mentioned in ancient Jyotish scripts. Many vedic astrologers consider introducing the outer planets and any newly discovered celestial bodies into Vedic astrology system harmful because it destroys the Jyotish integrity. If despite their opinion you want to see Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and other objects in chakra chart you have to uncheck Turn off non-Jyotish objects box located at Chakra tab in preferences.

Then you may control the chart objects (planets and points) by clicking the planet line in chakra window side bar. Side bar is a panel with planet coordinates that appears when you click a small triangle on the right edge of the main window. Side bar shuts automatically in few seconds. If you want it stays open, use a "pin" button in side bar upper right corner. Next click on a planet line toggles its visibility, i.e. you can show and hide any object by clicking its line in coordinates side bar.

Coloring, Shading: these settings change houses background color as described below.
Show objects as: Select Letters if you want to see two-letter abbreviate instead of glyphs (SU for the Sun, MO for the Moon etc.)
Show in chart: check the boxes for objects you want to be displayed in chakra chart. For instance, uncheck House numbers to remove 1..12 digits from the chart. Ashtakavarga values appear as circled numbers.
Special points: Check the boxes for listed points to display those in chakra.
Upagraha: you may turn on/off these objects in a chart by checking or clearing appropriate boxes. Upagrahas will be displayed as two-letter abbreviations:  Du, Va, Pa, Ch, Up, Gk, Ya, Ar, Ka, Mr, Md.
Traditional: this shortcut button sets plain style chart without colors, with planets displayed as letters without zodiac signs, house numbers, position degrees, ashtakavarga and dignities.
Modern: this button is opposite to Traditional and sets a multicolor chart with glyphs, degrees, dignities etc.

The retrograde planets are marked with Rx letters.


In Preferences/Chakra/Chart shading you may select any from three shading schemes available. The first one is a plain chart without shading, a second scheme implements the signs division to Cardinal (Chara), Fixed (Sthira) and Movable/Dual (Dwiswabhava) and the third one assume division by elements: Fire (Agni), Earth (Bhoo), Air (Vaayu) and Water (Jala).

No shading

Shading by modes (Cardinal, Fixed, Movable)

Shading by Elements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water)

System approach

If you have selected the System Approach chart coloring, the modes-elements does not apply to charts shading. Instead there are Dusthana (cardinal color), Trikona (fixed color) and Kendra (mutable color) houses.

Planet dignities

MMP - most malefic planet

Interactive features

Interpretation: Point to a planet glyph with mouse cursor to see the interpretation. When you move the cursor out of planet area a text disappears.
Aspectation: Click a planet area with left mouse button and keep it pressed. The house(s) aspected with that planet will highlight. Release a mouse button and highlighting vanishes.

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