Part 1. Events Manager. Adding, deleting and editing of the events and charts.

Some program definitions
Event Date and name of something that happened, e.g. birthday of the person, marriage, death, date of trip, purchase. Primary event date of birth. Secondary events are marriage, moving to other place of residence, change of job, divorce.
Chart A graphic presentation for the event, e.g. South style Rasi, North style Navamsa
Graph All the graphics other than charts, e.g. Gochara lines.
Work list List of the events pre-selected in Events Manager to work with. User may quickly switch between them from main screen.

To add a new event, delete or edit existing, click Add/Edit Event Main Menu item. The Events Manager window will appear. There are two separate control groups for Primary and Secondary events and they are managed separately. Below every list there is a row of buttons DB Navigator (DBN).
Adding of new Primary event
  1. Set screen input focus to upper table by clicking on it. If the DBN Add button (Insert Record hint) was grayed out it will turn into color.
  2. Click the Add [+] button. A new record with default name like "200708241856"will appear
  3. Change the event name to a meaningful one.
  4. Switch input focus to the date edit at right box. Type in a date in MM/DD/YYY format and local time of the event in 24-hour format. Skip Time Zone and DST controls
  5. Move cursor to Place edit and type in 3-4 initial letters instead of "Some city" text, e.g. "kopen" if you are searching for Kopenhagen
  6. Select a city in the list to the right and click "Get" button below the list.
  7. Answer "Yes" at the prompt whether you want to apply TZ and DST to this item automatically.
  8. Once you did this an updated location info (coordinates, TZ, and DST) will appear in the box.
Adding of new Secondary event
  1. Select a Primary event in upper table
  2. Move input focus to lower table of the Secondary events
  3. Repeat steps 2-8 as described for Primary event
Removing events Select the event so its name displayed with a white font on navy color background. Click the Remove [-] button (Delete Record hint). If you have removed a Primary event, all the depending Secondary events will be deleted as well.
Editing events Select the event and change its name, date or location.
Adding a chart to Work List Select the event. A wide button above the "Selected charts" frame will change its caption to something like "Add chart for Kerry John". Click it to add this to selected charts (work list)

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