Installation, activation


The program is compatible with any Microsoft OS from  Windows XP up to Windows 7 except Asian versions like Chinese and Japan. There are no specific requirements to CPU speed or memory size but older PC with frequency below 1.5 GHz and RAM< 1GB may work slowly. 1400x900 or higher resolution display is recommended.

How to purchase

  • Click the «Buy» button on the main website page
  • For payment you will be redirected to website who provides safe and secure CC process
  • In case of successful authorization the sale script will run. That will create your copy of the program and send you the purchase confirmation with a link to download

Downloading the program

Just click the received link and save the installation package on your hard drive.


  1. Run jyotim_setup_pro.exe file in Windows Explorer or from Start/Run/Browse/Open command line.
  2. In the Destination folder window type in the path where you want to install the program or use a Browse button to select the folder.
  3. Click Install.
     The installation finishes in few seconds and the program runs automatically. A program icon will be created on a desktop.
     The program doesn't modify Windows registry or system variables. It does not add any libraries of fonts to your system. A "deinstallation" process consists of removing the program folder and desktop icon.


The program is protected and you need an Activation Key (AK) to get it run. Click the Help/Activate menu item, type in your name and press "Get activation key" button. This will run your mailing program with user code and name inserted. Send this message.

Shortly you will receive the Activation Key. Copy and paste it to the activation form and click "Activate". Be sure you have copied the AK in full and there are no extra spaces before or after it.
The word -=LOCKED=- should gone from the main window caption. Now the program is activated and ready to use. 


Updating of the Jyotish Master is similar to that of AstroElite Financial.

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