Khullar Astrology System

Mr Khullar has given a wonderful Astrological System which he has developed based on his study of Nadi Literature. According to him an event happens in the
life of a person under following conditions:

An event happens due to interplay of Sun and Moon. This means the Planets co-ruling Sun's and Moon's position should signify relevant cusps that take part
in enacting an event. Moon's Star lord should be significator of the Pry cusp directly or indirectly. Since Sun transits in a Star for practically for 13 days
it is the Sub lord of Sun that should be a related to the Pry cusp directly or indirectly.

Dasa period lords should signify relevant houses and also satisfy certain specific conditions. For example in case of marriage Bhukti lord has to be linked with 7th cusp directly or indirectly. If the Bhukti lord is signifying both marriage and separation then that Bhukti lord can not cause the event of Marriage in its own Antara. It has to wait for an Antara which clearly signifies marriage alone.

Transit of Dasa period lords, Jupiter, Sun and Moon should clearly allow the event to take place. In case of the event of death transit of Saturn has to satisfy some specific conditions. I will at some time write to you how to predict the event of death.

Since Birth is an event in the life of the actual father of the child he has based his Philosophy of fixing the correct chart using the above concepts. With the given data that is Date and time and place of birth we can only set an approximately correct chart. For setting the true chart we need to know the Moon star of parents and some specific events like death of grand parents etc.

How to fix marriage: According to Mr Khullar we need to follow the steps to fix the date of marriage subject to the condition that chart promises marriage.

  1. Check whether Dasa lord permits Marriage. Dasa Lord needs to be related to the relevant cusps directly or indirectly.
  2. Look for the Bhukti lord who is related to the 7th cusp directly or indirectly. Direct and indirect linkage concept is beautifully explained in his books.
  3. Fix the Antara lord taking into consideration the transit of Jupiter and Sun
  4. Sookshma and Prana lords are fixed corresponding to the transit of Sun and Moon and also the SSL in which Jupiter transits.
Needless to say that Antara, Sookshma and Prana lords have to be linked with cusps 5, 7 and 11.
All these concepts are explained in simple language with lot many examples.