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Astrological Natural Fertility and Gender Selection methods

Can conception be predicted from the stars? Can the sex of the child be predetermined by choosing the hour of conception according to the Moon's astrological sign? Do women actually experience two monthly ovulation cycles? Does an understanding of the lunar cycle provide us with a reliable form of birth control? Can birth defects be avoided by employing astrological analysis to choose the best moment of conception? Read more...

Get your on-line Lunar Cycles Fertility Calendar instantly and discover when your chances to conceive a baby are the highest. May be tomorrow is that day.


12-month fertility reports come with free Fertility Potential analysis (beeja and kshetra).

Free horoscope for today

Daily horoscope for all zodiac signs with your personal accents

The report is based on Moon transits, it is straightforward and transparent. All other daily horoscopes don't inform you how a specific judgment has been done and mostly are meaningless. In our case you may see what planetary configurations have most influence today and when exactly they occur.

Jyotish gem wizard 

How to balance influences of the planets

Do you know that inappropriate gemstone selection may aggravate a disease symptoms or create a life problems?
For example, if the Sun rules with 6th house of your horoscope, wearing a big natural ruby may cause the health problems. On other hand, if you have a weak Venus and the difficulties in your romantic life, a one karat diamond ring may improve the situation.

Free horoscope

Know Thyself. Personal astrological reading.

Do you want to know how from astrological point of view you approach to life and how you appear to others, who is the inner you and what are your real motivations? If so, read this report.
You will also learn about your mental interests and abilities, emotions, moods, feelings and your romantic life. You will be more aware about your drive and ambitions, about the way you achieve your goals.
Also you can run this report for your neighbor, friend or soulmate. This will help you to better understand each other.

Wedding astrology planner

Find the best day for your wedding

Not all the days are equally good for marriage ceremony. Which to choose? Read the recommendations by famous European astrologer of XX century S.Vronsky and select the most propitious.

Free child horoscope

Do you know your child?

This natal report may serve as a guide for parents. Its purpose is to help with a child growth and cultural upbringing, to emphasize and strengthen his/her assets, and to alert the parents about mistakes or possible problems that your kid could face in life.
Also it describes the way your child really is (Sun), and how his/her personality is expressed (Asc), the influences linked to mom and dad, the way a child sees and experiences them, which characteristics he/she takes from each one, and much, much more....

Free astrological guide Free astrology guide

Day-by-day personal astrological forecast

This unique forecast is more accurate than similar products, because it uses your birth date and time and has nothing to do with the «forecasts for your sign». It includes the description of current planetary transits, days when your natal chart (horoscope) planet aspects get activated by current transits and the Void of course Moon periods for your local time zone.

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