Vedic/Jyotish/Hindu Astrology Software and Ephemeris for Windows and Android

What makes Jyotish Master a special program?

This is a chakra main screen. It is compact, user-friendly and has a flexible controls and windows customization.

In a center there are rasi and navamsa (by deafult) charts shown.

A collapsable dasa list allows you to focus on important life periods you work with now and close those out of interest at the moment.


Point to any planet, for instance Saturn, and instantly see a meaning of this planet by placement and ruling of the houses.

Click a planet and see what houses it aspects

Collapse and extend any windows, make them automatically pop-up on point or pin them to stay on a screen.



Muhurta Wizard

Muhurta assistant alows user quickly to find the best period for almost any event imaginable: conceiving, marriage, buying a house, planting trees, starting treatment to name few, and to do this in just three simple steps.
  1. Select a place
  2. Select a category
  3. Select a type of event

A resulting document may be saved as a perfectly formatted RTF editable file or directly printed on laser or ink-jet print.

All JM text documents are WYSIWYG!

Tables and reports are provided in high-quiality rich text format and are customizable.

For instance, you may get a shad-bala table in compact format or expand it and seel all the calculation details.


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