Vedic/Jyotish/Hindu Astrology Software and Ephemeris for Windows and Android

Smart charts

Interactive charts

Jyotish Master charts quality is far beyond that of other similar programs. They are really smart and interactive. Pointing with a cursor at the planet shows which house it rules and what its placement means.

If you are a beginner and don't remember what houses from itself Mars, Jupiter or Saturn aspects, just click a glyph and aspected houses will be highlighted.

Also you can see the planets exaltation/debilitation (arrows), own sign (framed glyph), Ashtatakavarga values, Dhanu Lagna location and many other things directly on a chart canvas.

Prof. V.K.Choudhry System Approach chart

See the functional malefics (red) and benefics (green) as well as Most Malefic Planet (MMP -- italic red).

Three individually customized color sets

Plain design monochrome chart

If you don't like all those "bells and whistles" you may turn them off with a single button click.

North or South style charts

In-chart compact design planetary strength

Shad- or Sthanna Bala, sorted or unsorted display

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