AstroElite programs may be updated online, without re-installation or manual files replacement. The update works for all products regardless of their status (trial, registered or expired).
Since Updater.exe is a separate program it may help even in case the main application crashes.

To check if update is available go Help-> Updates.

The program will be closed and Updater utility runs.

In case update is not available or your version is current, Apply update button remains disabled.

If update is found, the program starts downloading it and you may see progress in status bar at the bottom of the Updater window.

Usual packed update size is about 5 MB, so it doesn't take long to get the file.

Once downloading is complete, you'll be prompted to click Apply update button to finish the process.

Both old and new files are reside in UPD folder, so if something goes wrong you have a chance to roll the update back.