Vedic/Jyotish/Hindu Astrology Software and Ephemeris for Windows and Android

Jyotish Master

Sophisticated premium class Vedic Astrology software for budget price

5 reasons to select Jyotish Master

  • Affordable. You'll not find other program of this class just for $149
  • Try-before-buy. Fully-functional trial version is available without registration
  • Complete. It includes all major Jyotish techniques and more
  • Universal. Fits both beginners and experienced astrologers needs
  • Free updates are lifetime and automatic
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Jyotish Dasa

 Event-marked Dasas

Chakra mulatrikona, moolatrikona, kendra

Smart Chakras

Vedic software

Graphic Gochara


Graphic Ashtakavarga

Affordable, professional, powerful and user friendly

What makes Jyotish Master
a special program?

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